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Amber teething necklace, nature's gft for your baby

Amber necklaces

We a have a considerable experience of working with amber (more than 15 years) and we guarantee that our amber is Genuine, supplied by a reliable source from Baltic States. All of our Necklaces are handcrafted and specifically designed to be worn by a child.

Teething necklaces knotted.


Our necklaces are strung on a quality thread. Each amber bead is separated by a knot, therefore preventing the beads from scattering everywhere in case of the necklace being torn.

Our Amber Necklaces are supplied with a plastic clasp, which unlike the metal one, does not cause an allergic reaction.


Teething necklaces clasp.

According to various mom's forums, plastic clasps are more secure and do not open while the child is active.

Amber teething necklaces beads polished.

All our necklaces are hand crafted with extreme care, we know that it is not an ordinary jewellery we sell and produce, but the jewellery that will be worn by the most fragile and sensitive little people on our planet. That's why every bead and nugget of our necklaces is very well polished, making it very smooth and perfect for contact with skin.