Anklets are making a fashion comeback once again. The bracelets for your ankles vary from thin and light chains to massive and sturdy bracelets. Ancient cultures often attached bells to the anklets, they were used for dances and special occasions, as with movement, the bells emitted pleasant and melodic sounds. People of ancient cultures gave various magical and mystical meanings to anklets. They believed that the bells on them would protect the wearer from evil spirits, bring health and protection. However, most importantly, the anklets were worn for beauty, to give some rhythm, magic and charm to the woman’s gait. Today the anklets are worn by both women and children, sometimes more that one is worn on a single ankle. The anklets are made from various materials, lets look at some of them.

Anklets from Sterling Silver

A very popular precious metal for anklets. In recent years, jewellery designers are turning their attention to sterling silver more and more, it being both a very nice looking and budget friendly precious metal. A soft metal with a wonderful sheen. The anklets made of silver usually come in the form of chains, small and elegant, or big ant sturdy.

Anklets from Gold

Gold- a famous and premium precious metal. An incredible gift and a wonderful addition to the jewellery collection for any woman. Golden anklets go very well with cocktail dresses. They often come with precious stones such as diamond, amethyst and topaz. An anklet like that is heavier on the cost, but is bound to impress.

Anklets with Charms

Jewellery with charms was introduced to us by the ancient Egyptians. The tradition of wearing charms on bracelets and anklets is over a thousand years old. Various meanings and superstitions were assigned to charms, and while the style and components of the charms changed, the concept of these wonderful pieces of jewellery is very much alive today and attracts our attention not only because of its beauty, but because of the perfect balance between meaning and style. Charms are often attached onto flexible anklets and bracelets, usually made out of silver or gold.

Amber Anklets

Amber, a material that has been preserved over millions of years has been used for jewellery since the ancient times. Amber was considered a magical stone, full of positive energy. Strung on a quality nylon string, amber anklets come in a variety of beads (round, bean shaped, baroque) and a whole natural palette of different amber colours (honey, lemon, cognac, cherry, creamy) An anklet made of amber is a piece of jewellery that will give the wearer a unique style, emphasize one’s original style and individuality. The amber has that specific beauty and warmness. Each amber bead is perfectly polished, has a wonderful sheen and is like a small, warm piece of the sun. Some beads have interesting natural cracks and inclusions inside, which give the anklet an original style. Feel free to browse through our collection of Amber Anklets for adults and Children. Nickolas jewellery has been working with amber for more than 10 years. We are based in Sheffield, UK and always provide great customer care. Our main goal is to deliver a beautiful piece of jewellery and imagine a smile on your face once you receive it!