Style guide for amber necklaces

Which necklace to buy?

We get this question quote often: "which amber necklace is the best or what can we recommend for particular age or gender?"
Our necklaces are not only helpful but they are nice to look at as well. It is entirely up to your aesthetic taste to choose one or another amber necklace. However we will try to explain the difference between some styles.
Let's start from most expensive and exclusive necklace which we proudly offer to our customers:


Faceted amber necklace

Faceted amber teething necklace


This necklace is created from best quality very clear transparent amber beads.The beads have perfectly round shape and are faceted same way as most of precious gemstones are. The beads catch light and sparkle like a proper expensive jewellery.This truly beautiful necklace will decently adorn the neck of any little princess or prince.

Available in transparent light cognac colour.


Luxury amber necklace

Luxury amber teething necklace

For design conscious customers we offer a modern, stylish necklace with round and cylinder shaped beads. This necklace will give an unforgettable trendy look to your child. Tasteful, geometric design of this necklace especially suitable for boys, however little girl will look smart too. The necklace is available in combination of two colours or in one colour. Please refer to our catalogue.


Perfectly round amber necklace

Round amber teething necklace
Timeless classic!

The round beads are renowned worldwide and were popular for centuries. Probably because the shape of the beads is similar to pearls or there is another reason, but round beads are most sought after in any type of necklaces. We recommend the round necklace not only for its aesthetic look but for some practical reasons:

1.The beads are very smooth without any imperfections, they are ideal for the gently skin.

2.The are small but contains same volume of amber as other necklaces, so the round necklace is less noticeable for the child.


Baroque bead amber necklace

Baroque amber teething necklace

Irregular rounded beads that are close to round shape known as 'Baroque' style. They have more natural look than round beads. The necklace made of baroque beads has same advantages as round but is considerable less expensive because require less amber material and labor. In the Baltic countries the children traditionally wear baroque bead necklaces. It looks great and is suitable for both boys and girls.


Bean shaped bead amber necklace

Bean shaped beads amber teething necklace
The necklace made of pebble or bean shaped beads has some tribal, green style. The major advantage of this kind of necklaces is flatness of the beads. It is more comfortable to lay on it. The bean shaped beads nave smooth, polished surface providing gentle contact with the skin. The shape of this beads is closest to shape of amber nuggets, therefore this kind of necklaces is cheaper to make, providing great value for money.

Colour guide




-Dark Cognac,